eMTB rider on a 2022 Specialized Turbo Tero. Find out why buy an electric bike at Roseville Cyclery.

Why Buy an Electric Mountain Bike?

The pandemic has driven consumer demand for goods that help them get outdoors, be active, and stay connected. Bicycles certainly hit the mark across the board, so it’s no surprise that the number of people buying bicycles increased in the past two years.

What may be a surprise to some, however, is the steep growth in demand and interest for electric bikes and e-mountain bikes (eMTBs): ebike sales grew by 240% in 2021!

If you’ve seen an increase in e-MTBs on the trails and in bike stores, you may be wondering:

Why buy an electric mountain bike?

You can enjoy the benefits of an electric mountain bike whether you’re an occasional recreational rider or a dedicated cyclist who regularly hits the trails. Among the reasons more and more people are electing to buy an electric mountain bike are:

Increased Range

Electric mountain bikes can easily expand the distance you can cover in a given time. Specialized’s Turbo Levo offers “4x You” rider amplification, unleashing your limitations and allowing you to ride further than ever before. So get ready to conquer new terrain and tackle new peaks because an eMTB is going to open you up to a whole new world.

Increased Speed

Let’s be honest, for some of us, it’s all about speed. Electric mountain bikes can power you up hills faster than ever and propel you faster than ever on your rides. If you’re a novice mountain biker, an eMTB may be the key to helping you keep up with more experienced riders. If speed is what gets you out of bed in the morning, then an eMTB could be the bike of your dreams.

Overcome Obstacles

Whether physical or mental, an eMTB can help you overcome obstacles that previously stood in your path. Most e-mountain bikes have mid-drive electric motors in the bike’s bottom bracket area, giving it more weight located centrally and low on the frame. That means a low center of gravity and an incredible amount of stability, which can aid you in descending and add confidence to your ride.

Social Connections

An electric mountain bike can help you broaden your social circle, too. If you’ve ever attempted to ride with a new group and have been left behind at the first climb of the day, you know how discouraging it can feel to try and keep up with riders with a different skill set. An e-MTB can help even the playing field when riding groups have varying levels of skill and speed.

Build Skills

If you’ve only taken a conventional MTB out on the trails, an eMTB gives you the opportunity to build new skills. Whether that’s from reaching new trails and paths you’ve never been on before or simply learning how to handle a bike with a bit more weight, learning new skills makes for better all-around cyclists.

For Fitness

The “ebikes are for cheaters” mentality is so old-school that it’s laughable. Researchers have even proven that ebike riders work just as hard as conventional mountain bike riders! Even more interesting is that study participants had a lower perceived exertion rate when riding an eMTB. Riding an EMTB just doesn’t feel like hard work.

So anyone looking to use mountain biking as a way to get some physical activity and a solid workout without feeling like they’re working too hard could definitely benefit from an eMTB.

For Fun!

That huge smile that stretches from ear to ear? We call that the “ebike effect”. Who wouldn’t have fun going faster than ever, climbing hills that were previously out of reach, finally making it to the peak with the amazing view, keeping up with friends, and getting exercise that doesn’t feel like hard work at all?

Ebikes aren’t just a passing trend. Whether you’re an experienced MTB rider or just getting into the sport for fun or exercise, an electric mountain bike is certainly worth its weight in fun.

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