Who Rides Ebikes?

Who Rides Ebikes?

Electric bikes are growing in popularity, making an appearance on mountain bike trails as often as they’re spotted on the street. If you haven’t tried an ebike yet, you may be wondering if an ebike is for you.

Who Rides Ebikes?

Before we dive into who’s riding ebikes these days, let’s take a moment to examine a few widespread myths about ebike owners.

Myth: Ebikes are for older riders.

We can see how this myth began making its rounds. A pedal-assist ebike can make it easier to ride farther, faster, or make your way up a steep hill or rocky mountainside. So it’s no wonder that people mistakenly believe that only older riders would want an ebike.

Like many myths, this one is rooted in a little bit of truth. 

According to Ray Verhelst of the U.S. Electric Bike Association, the leading age groups of ebike consumers are 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, and 65 and older. 

We’re guessing those consumers in the 35 – 55 age range would object to being labeled as “senior” riders.

Myth: Ebikes are for people who struggle to ride.
Electric bikes are opening up a whole new world for those who consider themselves novice riders. The pedal-assist can help a novice rider keep up with a more experienced rider on the trails or streets. 

But, far more often than not, it’s the experienced riders who are loving the benefits of a pedal-assist ebike.

“If you’re not having fun on an ebike, you probably don’t have the assist turned on!” says Janelle, a mountain bike skills coach and experienced rider.

Experienced riders are finding that ebikes can help them get more riding, more distance, and more speed in for an allotted time. They’re also highly desired for riders who don’t want to pay for, or hassle with, shuttled lift access.

According to a U.S. ebike survey, 93% of ebike consumers have cycled with a standard bicycle. And almost half (49.2%) of ebike purchasers ride daily.

So, who rides ebikes?

Men and women of all ages use ebikes for recreational and fitness purposes, commuting, going further than a standard bicycle allows, and, mostly, because the overall experience is more fun!


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