An image of a cyclist at the Auburn Bike Park.

The Auburn Bike Park Begins Phase Two of Construction

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Our local region of Placer County is home to an exciting cycling scene, and now that community has a home at the Auburn Bike Park. First opened in June of 2020, the park is an exciting gathering place for the community, and soon this local favorite will get even bigger!

Learn more about the second phase of construction on the bike park, and what this means for our cycling community.

What is the Auburn Bike Park?

The Auburn Bike Park gives Placer County’s active outdoor community a place to gather in a family-friendly environment and ride together! Adults and youth of all ability levels can gather to ride and build new cycling skills.

When you visit, you’ll enjoy great rides like:

  • The A-Town Trail: A two-way trial for all skill levels. This trail connects the parking lot to the pump track.
  • The Pandemic Trail: An advanced trail offering a steep shortcut to the starting mound of the pump track. Built and opened during the 2020 Pandemic.
  • Tyke’s Turn Track: Built for young riders to build their skill sets. Ages 5 and under.
  • The Down Low Pump Track: Improve your bike handling skills with a pump track that encourages you to “pump” with your arms and legs.
  • The Itchy-Scratchy Trail: The upper section of this trail is a rocky path for advanced riders. After the road crossing, however, it mellows out and is perfect for beginners.
  • C-Me Flow Trail: Enjoy a quarter-mile rollercoaster ride! Provides the full mountain biking experience.
  • The Equalizer Dual Slalom: Features rollers and bermed turns to test your gravity and speed. Advanced riders only.

The Auburn Bike Park is only 16-miles by car or 19-miles by bike from our Roseville Cyclery showroom.

What’s New in Phase Two?

Exciting changes are in store for our local bike park. Work has begun on Phase Two of construction, which will add great new riders for cyclists. This will include:

  • Jump Lines: The jumps will be a natural progression from the Down Low Pump Track. This ride will offer three different lines for beginning, intermediate, and advanced riders, and will feature wooden ramps and a return wall back to the starting mound.
  • Skillz Loop: This loop will be an easier ride, offering riders an option to try challenging features along the way, like wooden tracks and rock features.

How Can I Get Involved?

The bike park offers a great outlet for our local cyclists to get together and ride! If you want to contribute to the future of the park, there are a few great ways to get involved:

  • Volunteer: Volunteers are essential to maintaining and expanding the bike park. You can sign up to volunteer and help provide regular maintenance or participate in a scheduled workday.
  • Donate: You can help support the Auburn Bike Park by contributing to the Auburn Trails Alliance, a 501c3 organization dedicated to building our local trail community. Individuals and businesses can even contribute set amounts to have their name featured on the donor wall!

Want to get involved and support the Auburn Bike Park? Learn more about how you can contribute now.


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