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The Top 5 Reasons Why People Love Ebikes

A man rides a Specialized Turbo ebike next to the water. Learn the top 5 reasons to get an ebike.

The Top 5 Reasons Why People Love Ebikes

Thanks to the host of benefits of owning an ebike, they’re more popular than ever. In fact, by 2023 there will be 300 million ebikes in circulation, a 50% increase from 2019.

What makes them so popular? There are many benefits of owning an electric bike — they’re convenient, fun, and environmentally friendly. If you haven’t invested in one yet, discover the 5 biggest reasons why an ebike might be a great fit for your lifestyle.

The 5 Top Reasons People Choose to Get an Ebike

1. To Make Commuting Easier

65% of participants in a North American Study stated that their primary reason for buying an ebike was to replace car trips.

Commuting by ebike eliminates the cost of public transit or fuel for a car, which can be a major cost saving in the long term. Taking your ebike to work can also help you avoid the headache and hassle of traffic, and the added power of the motor helps you avoid arriving sweaty and out of breath.

2. To Stay Fit

Ebikes are also a great choice for anyone looking to get more active and invest in their health.

Ebikes help people get and stay fit by:

  • Encouraging them to ride more: Studies find that ebike riders tend to ride their bikes more frequently than other cyclists. Almost half of ebike owners ride every day!
  • Providing a great cardio workout: Cycling is cardio, an aerobic exercise that supports your heart health and can lead to weight loss, among other benefits.

3. To Ride Faster

Thanks to increasingly powerful motors and batteries, ebikes can get you from point A to point B quicker than a regular bike can.

One study found that completing a journey on an electric bicycle was 21% faster than on a traditional bike. The Turbo CREO and Turbo Vado from Specialized are capable of hitting speeds of 28 miles per hour. Plus, features like pedal assist let you adjust your ebike’s speed so you can enjoy your ride at whatever pace you choose.

4. To Ride Safer

Safety concerns keep many people from riding a bike more. Past research has shown that concern for safety is one of the biggest barriers to cycling, particularly for women.

Ebikes are an excellent solution for those looking for improved safety. 60% of participants in a North American study felt safer riding an electric bike compared to a traditional bike. A further 42% said that the e-bike had helped them avoid collisions.

There are as many reasons to choose an ebike as there are riders, simply because their convenient nature and efficient design make them the perfect fit for many different lifestyles. Whether you’re exercising or commuting to work, there’s an electric bike for you.

5. To Have More Fun!

Recreation is the top reason ebike consumers gave for making their purchase, according to a survey of electric bike owners in the U.S.

The ability to push the limits of your speed, distance, and experience new terrain on an electric bike makes ebikes more fun for both experienced cyclists and occasional weekend riders, as well.

An ebike can also even the playing field when you’re riding with other people, especially for less experienced or slower riders. Rather than turning down invitations to ride with more experienced cyclists, an electric bike can help the slower party keep up and explore trails and routes previously inaccessible.

No matter what your reason for wanting an electric bike, you’re sure to ride more often, get more exercise, and have more fun once you get one. Start your ebike journey with Roseville Cyclery. Shop online or visit our Northern California showroom in Downtown Roseville, CA.


Stop Guessing. Start Riding. Let our team of ebike specialists help you find the perfect bike.

Are You One of These 3 Types of Ebike Riders?

Experienced e-bike rider on a snowy mountain trail.

Are You One of These 3 Types of Ebike Riders?

Ebikes are showing up on the roads, trails, and bike shop showrooms everywhere. You can get an ebike for road cycling, mountain biking, and even casual trips around town. But who’s riding these electric bikes, anyway?

Here are three types of riders you’re bound to see on an ebike:

Experienced Riders (No, it’s not Cheating)

Sure, there are those diehard cyclists who consider ebikes “cheating.” But any experienced rider who has vocalized ebike criticism probably just hasn’t tried one yet. The idea that using an electric-assist bicycle is somehow cheating is an outdated notion. Ebikes can take you faster and further on your rides and, no, the motor isn’t doing all of the work. Ebikes like the Specialized Turbo line give a rider control over how much assistance they use. And, since the assist only kicks in when you’re peddling, there’s still a fair amount of effort and physical exercise that comes along with the ride. Today’s savvy experienced riders are enjoying the benefits of an ebike. If you’ve only got a limited amount of time to ride, who wouldn’t want to travel 4x further in that short span of time? And why wouldn’t you want to speed to the top of the climb so you can get back to the fun part — the descent — even faster? So, unless you’re sneaking an ebike into a competitive non-motor bike race, taking out an ebike isn’t even close to “cheating.” The added speed and distance that an ebike can provide allows even the most experienced riders the opportunity to shake up their normal routines and go further (and faster) than ever.

Casual Riders

In a surprising plot twist, you don’t have to be an experienced rider to enjoy an ebike, either. Casual riders may be getting even more benefit from electric-assist bicycles than experienced riders. Longer Ridesstudy in the peer-reviewed journal Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives found that physical activity levels were similar between e-bike riders and conventional cyclists, in part because e-bike riders had “significantly longer trip distances.” More Time Riding = More Exercise A 2016 study in the  European Journal of Applied Physiology published results from a small University of Colorado Boulder study on ebike commuting revealed that participants voluntarily rode twice as much as required: four hours a week on average and almost 200 miles per participant over the four-week study. These participants saw significant health improvements over the course of the study, including improvements in blood pressure and glucose tolerance. Keeping Up with the Pack Ebikes are allowing casual or novice riders the opportunity to keep up with friends or family members who are more experienced.

“…the ebike bridged the gap between my current skill set and athletic ability and what I needed to keep up with the experienced riders I was with.” 

– Melissa Z., I Tested a Specialized Ebike. Here’s What I Thought

Casual riders who may only take a conventional bicycle out occasionally are finding that ebikes are making bike trips more accessible, easier, faster, and more fun.


LOHAS is an acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. It’s a consumer segment whose attitudes and behaviors place health and sustainability in the foreground. LOHAS typically have a greater awareness of social and environmental responsibility than the average consumer and tend to “vote with their dollars” by purchasing products that will make a difference in their health and the health of the planet. Unlike a casual or experienced rider who chooses an ebike for sport or hobby, a LOHAS is more likely to purchase an ebike in order to cut down on car trips in order to fight climate change. A 2017 paper published in Transportation Research found that ebike use led to 25% fewer car trips on average. According to a 2015 study by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, a dramatic increase (about 20 percent) in cycling worldwide could “cut carbon dioxide emissions from urban passenger transport by nearly 11 percent in 2050.” For LOHAS consumers who place a priority on sustainability and alternative transportation, ebikes are the answer to reducing car trips and cutting harmful emissions.

Should You Ride an Ebike?

Did you relate to one of these three ebike riders? Whether you’re an experienced rider who would love to cover more ground in less time, a casual rider who wants to get more exercise and keep up with more experienced riders, or a passionate environmental activist who wants to take more cars off the road, an ebike is the answer. Shop our collection of ebikes online or visit our Roseville showroom to learn more!


Stop Guessing. Start Riding. Let our team of ebike specialists help you find the perfect bike.