Why maintain your bike suspension? To maintain a level of performance achieved by Pro riders you will definitely want to maintain your suspension. Regular servicing prevents damage to the most expensive components in forks and shocks. Dirt and corrosion may damage this sensitive equipment and this service is vital to keeping you and your bike flowing. If you suspension needs servicing, don’t delay and give us a call.

50 Hour

Think of this as your routine oil change. Schedule this regularly to keep your suspension smooth as butter and to prevent premature wear.  Recommend for Forks, Shocks and Dropper Posts.

200 Hour

This is an intensive complete overhaul of your bike suspension that involves a full disassembly of the fork, replacement of internal seals and o-rings and all oils. The rear shock gets the same treatment.  Recommend for Forks, Shocks and Dropper Posts.

Pivot Overhaul

Do you have an independent rear triangle? Are you looking to be shred in more control? This service removes the rear triangle from your bike to thoroughly clean and inspect all parts associated with rear suspension, install new pivot bearings (or bushings.)


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