Ride Before You Buy, Demo Riders Wanted

*2020 Santa Cruz Heckler E-MTB

*2020 Specialized Turbo Levo E-MTB

*2020 Santa Cruz Tallboy

*2020 Santa Cruz HighTower

$150 for 24 hours. Ride before you buy. Up to $300 demo credit may be applied to your new bike purchase of $1500 or greater within 30 days of the demo day. 

Call the shop for full details & to book your demo bike today.

Roseville Cyclery’s demo program is currently paused due to low-inventory resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to have our demo program resumed again soon, so keep checking in for availability.



2020 Santa Cruz


2020 Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz Heckler


2020 Santa cruz