Specialized electric bike pedal assist lever. Discover 5 benefits of electric bikes.

5 Benefits of Electric Bikes

If you’ve started seeing electric bikes everywhere lately, it’s for good reason. From getting more exercise to cutting down on car trips, every ebike owner has their own reason why they made the decision to go electric. Here are five reasons why everyone is riding an ebike:

Getting More Out of Your Ride

If you think electric bikes are for novice riders, think again. Even the most dedicated cyclists are enjoying the biggest benefit of electric bikes: the ability to ride further, faster, and longer. Electric bikes allow riders to explore territories that may have previously been out of reach or to cover more ground in less time.

Ebikes can allow you to go an average 4x further on your rides, taking you to new heights — literally.

Good for Your Health

According to a report by the Transport Research Laboratory, conventional bikes are used only 25 times per year. In comparison, ebike riders are using their bikes far more often:

  • 81% of ebikes are used 1x weekly
  • 30% of ebikes are used 1x daily

That means ebike riders are getting a whole lot more physical exercise than those who leave their bikes parked in the garage the other 340 days a year.

Sure, electric bikes provide pedal assistance. But that doesn’t mean you’re not doing any work. Cycling health benefits include increased cardiovascular fitness, joint mobility, and muscle strength as well as decreasing stress. The more you ride, the better it is for your health and wellness.

Keeping Up With the Kids

“My six-year-old son already outrides me,” admits Melissa, a 40-year old mother who wrote about her experience test riding a Specialized electric bike. “This definitely makes me feel like I could keep up with him!”

Electric bikes can help you keep up with your kids, spouse, friends, or anyone else who may have more riding experience or be used to going further and faster on rides. Instead of declining the group mountain bike ride because of a fear of falling behind, electric bikes can give you the extra boost of confidence (and speed) you need to keep up with the more experienced riders in your life.

Reduced Car Trips

There’s no question that cycling is better for the environment than commuting by vehicle. The average US car emits about a pound of CO2 per mile from burning fuel, while cycling is carbon-free. Even though the environmental benefits of commuting by bike are clear, there is still a surplus of cars on the roads. Clearly, many of us need more motivation to bike to work than doing it for the environment’s sake.

Electric bikes can make commuting by bike much more attractive to casual riders. For one, the peddle-assist can help power a commuter to work without fear of arriving in a sweaty, sodden mess. And the added speed from the ebike means one could arrive to work 4x faster than on a conventional bike.

More electric bikes on the road mean fewer cars and fewer emissions. And that’s a benefit for everyone in the community.

More Fun!

“If you’re not having fun on an ebike, you probably don’t have the assist turned on,” says Janelle. Janelle is no novice to the sport of cycling; she coaches the mountain bike team at a local high school. This experienced rider and mountain bike coach gets the appeal… cycling on an electric bike is simply a whole lot of fun, no matter what your level of expertise is.

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