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How Specialized Soil Searching Tires Build Trails Across the Globe

Mountain bikers with Specialized Soil Searching tires support trail builders.

How Specialized Soil Searching Tires Build Trails Across the Globe

Find out why Specialized is digging into further trail system development and supporting trail advocates across the globe, and meet the Soil Searching Tires helping them do just that.

Specialized Soil Searching Supports Trail Builders

Imagine owning a car without a road to drive on. Or a basketball without a hoop.

Now imagine mountain biking without a trail network to ride on.

Trail systems are the heart of cycling, which is why Specialized’s Soil Searching program is honoring its unsung heroes: the trail builders and advocates who make it all possible.

Since 2018, Specialized Soil Searching has provided financial, organizational, and outreach support for trail systems around the world. Soil Searching focuses on three essential aspects of trail work — ambassadors, dig days, and fundraisers — to assist communities in maintaining and growing their trail networks.

Specialized asked:

“What if the outdoor industry sponsored trail builders the way it currently sponsors professional athletes?”

The Specialized Soil Searching Global Trail Ambassador program does just that. Soil Searching Ambassadors receive support from Specialized — stipends, custom Soil Searching bikes, and continued support to build the trail systems you love to ride.

We can’t all be amazing trail-building wizards. For those of us who want to show our support for the men and women who build our trail networks, Specialized has a special fundraising opportunity that benefits you and trail ambassadors around the world.

Specialized Soil Searching Tires: These Tires Build Trails

Specialized’s limited-edition Soil Searching tires help build trails. Every Soil Searching tire you buy helps support Specialized Soil Searching and its mission.

Image of Specialized Soil Searching Tires

Available in their race-winning tread patterns and equipped with Specialized’s premium T9 and T7 sticky fast rubber, Soil Searching limited-edition tires come in a striking, classic tan skinwall casing.

Pick up your Soil Searching tires and help support the development and maintenance of trails in your backyard and around the globe.

In 2019 and 2020 alone, Specialized Soil Searching provided over 11,000 volunteer hours through more than 200 sponsored Dig Days on six continents with the help of 50 supported trail builders and advocates around the world.

Find Specialized Products at Roseville Cyclery

You can help support the trail builders that make our sport possible. Visit Roseville Cyclery, an authorized Specialized retailer, for more information about Specialized programs and to shop for Specialized products.


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The Best Ways to Celebrate Bike Month in Northern California

Group of women riding Specialized Turbo ebike mountain bikes in California. Discover the best bike rides in CA and how to celebrate bike month.

The Best Ways to Celebrate Bike Month in Northern California

Northern California is one of the best regions in the world for cyclists. Find out the best ways to celebrate Bike Month in NorCal. May is Bike Month, a celebration of cycling and the benefits of biking. Bike Month encourages us all to leave our cars parked in the garage and swap vehicle trips for bike trips, instead. It doesn’t matter if you’re an occasional biker or dedicated cycling enthusiast — Bike Month is for you! From the best bike shop, parks, trails, routes, and crazy-beautiful scenery, there’s no better place to ride than our Northern California home. Here are 6 ways to celebrate Bike Month in NorCal:

Take the Bike Month Pledge

Take the pledge to replace car trips with bike trips at Accept the Bike Your City challenge, pledge how many trips you’ll take by bike in May, log your miles, and you can earn e-badges, prizes, and bragging rights! Join Roseville Cyclery in the team challenge!

Support Your Local Bike Shop

Many small businesses were hit hard by COVID shutdowns and interruptions to the supply chain last year. When you shop local, you support your local economy and your neighbors. Show your locally owned bike shop some love this month by shopping for bikes, apparel, and accessories at your favorite local shop, rather than the big box stores or online giants.

Consider an Ebike for Commuting and Recreation

Bike Month Reminds us about the importance of swapping out car trips for bike trips. Biking can be one of the best choices for the environment. A bike requires only .085% of the land and resources needed to produce a car. According to a 2015 study by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, a 20% increase in world cycling could cut carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 11% by 2050. Many of the reasons people don’t commute by bike — “my trip is too long, I don’t want to get to work sweaty, etc.” — could be solved by using an ebike for commuting. Ebikes use an electric motor to help riders go farther and faster on their bikes, making them the perfect solution for commuting. But ebikes aren’t just for commuting: they’re also tons of fun! An ebike can help recreational riders and cycling enthusiasts reach new heights (literally) and explore new roads never seen before. Discover 5 benefits of electric bikes here. Roseville Cyclery is Northern California’s premier ebike destination. Shop our selection of ebikes in-store and online.

Get on a Trail

From the California Bay Area to the Sierra Nevada mountain range, mountain biking is a quintessential NorCal experience. Explore the best mountain biking trails in NorCal, including:
  • Mount Tamalpais Summit Loop: Indulge in magnificent views of San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean. Marin County.
  • Angel Island State Park: Ride through the largest natural island in the San Francisco Bay. Marin County.
  • Donner Lake Rim Trail: Explore the mountains and clear blue waters of this lakeside route near the charming town of Truckee. Nevada County.
  • Downieville Downhill: A challenging loop for adrenaline junkies featuring a 5,000-foot vertical drop, waterfalls, and rocky terrain. Sierra County.
  • Auburn State Recreation Area: Enjoy 40-miles of scenic canyon trails near the confluence of the North and Middle forks of the American River. Placer County.

Get on the Road

California’s beauty is unparalleled, from ocean views to mountain vistas, verdant farmland, towering forests, peaceful vineyards, and winding rivers. No wonder cycling enthusiasts love to bike NorCal! Take a tour of NorCal and ride one of these routes:

Schedule a Bike Repair or Service

If you’re in need of a bike repair or service, let Bike Month be your reminder to get that scheduled! Check with your local bike shop to see if COVID has changed the way repairs are done. At Roseville Cyclery, we’re keeping our store safely socially distanced by changing our repair and service appointments, replacing walk-in/ drop-offs to appoint-only. If you need your bike repaired or serviced, please use our online Request Service Appointment form to schedule your repair. Bike Month is here, so join us in celebrating some serious cycling! Where will YOU ride next?


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